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Types of Events

Types of Events

There are so many types of events to choose from, and now there is an even greater multitude of choices from the highly formal to themed sections, breakout and scrum furniture, the choice is endless. Get it right and you’re on a winner of an event. Get it wrong, and everyone starts to complain about the cost. At ABILITY, we like to get it right every time, which is why we built our hassle-free business around you.


As a leading specialist in exams Ability will work with you through the whole process to ensure the complete success and the ultimate student experience. It cannot be overemphasized that there are 2 very important stake holders here who have a highly vested interest in this event.
The student having invested an incredible amount of time, effort, and in some cases their whole life to pursue a career, this final event could be the make or break point.
The institution/University/College/school. The success of exams is the final point that determines the success of the training and ultimately impacts the reputation of their outfit.
Ability offer total solutions from simple straight forward desk hire to full turnkey solutions including:
  • Venue Liasion
  • Space planning
  • Venue preparation
  • Floor coverings and acoustic barriers
  • Furniture set out and removal
  • Pack up and furniture removal
Preparing an area for exams is a time critical project as exam dates and times are immovable. This puts pressure on all involved. Ability Furniture Hire have years of experience in providing full exam desk solutions to many of the most highly recognised and respected Universities and professional institutions.


There’s nothing more important than for a new student to feel they’ve secured the right education at the right university with the right people. Also, many parents like to feel their children have made the right choice before their children leave the nest and spread their wings into the total independence the adult world has to offer. It is clearly important the environment reflects this giant step.
Success breeds success. At ABILITY we are well-versed in providing the right furniture for fresher’s fairs and working closely with Universities and the Student Union to ensure this is a resounding success.


Your graduation day or convocation/invocation or commencement is a very important day in the life of a student. Graduation is more than just throwing a cap in the air, or dressing up, or getting an important piece of paper, it’s about celebrating achievements, being with the people you shared a part of your life with, being proud of your journey.


Tax deductible SEMINARS, CONFERENCES, CORPORATE EVENTS and STAFF TRAINING are smart moves. These are all tax deductible activities, so make the most of it. If you check out just how much you can save beforehand, it may even allow you to have a bigger budget, or at least a cushion for unexpected costs or extras.
Give us a call and let’s see how we can help deliver an event that will please your financial director as much as your sales and marketing, research, development and educational teams.
Seminars may require Breakout furniture or desks with a movable work surface depending on what type of seminar, conference, or staff training activity you have in mind, and each requires its own amount of ergonomic space to make things feel right. The same goes for EXAMS. Getting the space right is paramount to ensuring the best student experience and ensure they achieve the best result.


Whether your company is relocating for a while, or has to move out of your building or if you have a team to mobilise for a specific project. Ability will plan, deliver and set up a fully working environment in a matter of days. From workstations, temporary partitions and screening through to chairs, canteen furniture and bins, we can deliver a fully functioning office immediately.


In 2017 failed product launches cost UK food manufacturers £30.4 million according to New Food magazine. However, according to statista.com, £88 billion was made from supermarket food sales alone in 2019. Obviously nobody can guarantee success, but there is clearly a lot of money to be made and we can help reduce that risk.
The choice of right furniture, a few sensitive touches, a little extra something, it all adds up to a better presentation, a more confident pitch, and converts into higher orders and sales. Some customers will criticise a wobbly table and attribute it to a negative remark about a new product. We’ve all heard it all before. There is nothing anyone can do about a pessimistic attitude, but together we can minimalise it through our thorough attention to detail. Talk to us in detail about your event, attention to detail safeguards against glitches and makes all the difference between the “good” and the “great”.


Everyone is looking for the best workforce they can get at the most decent cost. Pressure has never been higher on employers; with an ageing population and dwindling numbers of young adults entering employment.
At ABILITY, we recognise this need for young blood which is why we offer breakout furniture for recruitment drives as well as the usual tea and coffee service, display furniture to grab their attention with your recruitment pitch as well as suggestions for giveaways we can organise on your behalf.


Rightly or wrongly, most people decide whether they like one another within 30 seconds of meeting. Everyone wants the best employees to work for them. First impressions count, and how you furnish them will embed a view of your company that could last for years and spread rapidly by word of mouth.


ABILITY can provide furniture for anything from a press conference for a football club announcing a new players’ arrival to a corporate AGM. Often these announcements are put together in no time at all and are covered by press and PR gurus who are quick to criticise anything that is not up to scratch or discover the tiniest of details that they can add spin to as a press article that reflects thoughtfulness from some of the biggest companies around. A few kind words written in the press can change attitudes quicker than 10 whole pages of advertising. That is how much value is added when a little thoughtfulness is included.


Whether it’s a work in progress meeting, a sales team or a government inquiry. At ABILITY, we have a large diverse range of furniture to suit and will take care of it so that you can concentrate on the event rather than those irritating eventualities that always crop that can spoil the moment.


As we all know, the investment in a trade show or exhibition has a limited space of time to make the maximum impact. This makes it all the more important to select furniture that reflects that investment and deliver the best result for your brand.
ABILITY provide a full range of furniture for exhibitions and trade shows and work with some of the leading venues including Excel and Olympia. Get in touch with our team and see what we have in stock to give you that ultimate customer experience and the best ROI.

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Why not call one of our friendly sales staff to discuss your needs today and find out how we can help you now by helping you to plan your next hassle-free event.
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  • ‘Please pass on my thanks to your team as everything, as usual, ran smoothly which makes our lives a lot easier.’
    Facilities Manager
  • ‘Thanks for everything last night …stage was fab and your lads so friendly and fast…looking forward to the next one. Thanks again.’
    Managing Director
  • ‘Please pass on my thanks to your team as everything, as usual, ran smoothly which makes our lives a lot easier.’
    Facilities Manager
  • ‘Thanks for everything last night …stage was fab and your lads so friendly and fast…looking forward to the next one. Thanks again.’
    Managing Director
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